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Language and Culture | Museum Archivist

The Gitxaała Nation has developed a community digital archive and virtual museum and is seeking an archivist for a contract position, from May 13, 2024 – March 31. 2025, with opportunities for an extension.

Gitxaała Culture and Language Department: 

The Department supports the goals of the Gitxaała Nation to maintain and pass on to future generations the language and cultural traditions of Gitxaała.  The department facilitates research, heritage conservation, and cultural programming that supports the revitalization, repatriation and development of Gitxaała governance, cultural arts and practices, language, and territorial use.    

The digital museum exhibit Gitxaała cultural treasures currently held at the Language and Culture office and many more residing in external museums and community-held pieces, with links to language and archival resources.  This projects expands on ongoing work to digitize recordings and archival materials and to enhance features of the developing Gitxaała Community Knowledge Keeper archive and database for community access, as well as the developing Sm’algyax archive on Gitxaała First Voices’ site.

Museum Archivist Position:
This project-based position will support the development of the Gitxaała Nation digital archive, repatriation database and digital museum.  The archivist will organize and accession materials including photographs, historical materials, language recordings, and museum catalogue data into the Gitxaała Community Knowledge Keeper with includes a general archive and dedicated language and repatriation archive components.  The archivist will collaborate with Gitxaala Elders and knowledge holders, Culture and Language Department staff, other museums and archives, and Gitxaała Nation’s database service provider to develop the archive and digital museum. 

Job Summary:


  • Report to Language and Culture Manager
  • Inventory and organize Gitxaała archival materials
  • Work with museums and archives to identify relevant digital materials
  • Facilitate digital repatriation of Gitxaała materials
  • Develop digital records and accession materials into the Gitxaała Community Knowledge Keeper
  • Work with the Gitxaała Language Authority and Language Coordinator to develop Sm’algyax labelling and related resources
  • Work with Kwusen Research and Media to develop features and functionality of CKK archive and repatriation database
  • Work with Language Coordinator and First Voices staff to synchronize Sm’algyax audio and video recordings between the CKK and Gitxaała Sm’algyax databases
  • Work with community-based and contract researchers to identify links between heritage objects and materials to other resources such as language recordings, maps, photographs and oral histories. 
  • Support the development of and content creation for the virtual exhibit of Gitxaała cultural objects
  • Update Hereditary Table, Elected Council, Gitxaała Repatriation Committee, and Community
  • Other related duties as required


  • Degree in archival studies, information management and technology or equivalent OR a degree in museum studies OR a degree in First Nations Studies
  • Experience working or volunteering in an archive or museum with digital records
  • Experience with database systems, photography and video design and editing programs
  • Experience working with Indigenous communities and Indigenous materials preferred
  • Community engagement experience an asset
  • Knowledge of Northwest Coast Indigenous cultures and material culture an asset
  • Strong oral and written communication


Position is a 10- month full-time contract comprising 35 hours per week with annual remuneration of $60,000 to start.  The anticipated contract date is May 2024 to March 2025, with a possible extension.  Ideally, the position will be based in Lax Klan (‘Kitkatla’/Gitxaała), and/or Prince Rupert, BC, but a combination of remote work and community visits is possible. 

Questions about the position and applications and resumes can be directed to:
Dustin Johnson, Language and Culture Manager


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