Gitxaała has an integrated governance system with both an Elected Council and Hereditary Table.

Gitxaała Nation - Vision

Gitxaała is a sovereign nation. Gitxaała will retain its Territory, Natural Resources Land, Air and Water. Gitxaała is self-governing, self-sustaining and inclusive of all its citizens.

The Elected Council governs the administration of the Nation’s programs and services such as Housing, Public Works and Health. The Hereditary Table provides the Elected Council with their mandate regarding issues relating to Gitxaała rights and title, and makes decisions regarding Gitxaała territory and resources.

Gitxaała Nation - Mission

Gitxaała Nation exists to provide for the good governance, health, well-being, economic opportunity, and common good for the citizens of the Gitxaała Nation: through policy making, legislation, finance, planning, development, evaluations, and encouragement of cooperative working relationships among various other First Nations, organizations, agencies, and government levels.

Gitxaała Nation - Values

CULTURE – We are grounded in our traditions that foster healthy learning and employment relationships.

HOLISTIC – We are a unified community providing support, learning and referrals meeting the needs of learners and employers.

RESPECT – We model, live, and give respect to our elders, peers, Nation, land and history.

COLLABORATION – We work to create opportunity and solve challenges in a way that supports creativity, knowledge and builds towards Sayt Guluum Goot for the Nation.

SUSTAINABLE – We build our plans and programs to ensure they support and enhance our Nation and continue to create growth now and for future generations.

INTEGRITY – We model and expect that our work and programs are accountable, effective and adapt to the needs of those they serve.