Territorial Management

Project Consultation Process

Gitxaała Environmental Monitoring (GEM) manages Gitxaała’s engagement in both smaller land use referrals and major projects requiring a provincial or federal EA.

Projects in Gitxaała Territory

When a major project is proposed to Chief and Council in Gitxaała territory, the proponent and the regulatory agency are directed to Gitxaała’s legal counsel to negotiate Gitxaała’s engagement in the process. Proponents are required to provide funds to GEM to engage in thorough research regarding potential impacts in Gitxaała, to document community concerns about the project, and to review the proponent’s research. GEM often sends Gitxaała observers to monitor field research.

GEM conducts a complete review of every project proposed. This process is independent of any negotiations regarding impact benefit agreements. Proponents seeking to engage Gitxaała should review GEM’s Proponent Consultation Guidelines.


GEM manages Gitxaała’s engagement in land and resources referrals from a number of different sources and government agencies, including but not limited to the following:

  • Archaeology (Arch branch, consulting companies, proponents)

  • Forestry (FLNRO, BCParks, proponents, private companies, other First Nations)

  • Oil and Gas (Oil and Gas Commission, proponents, other regulatory agencies)

  • Municipalities (City of Prince Rupert, District of Port Edward)

  • Fisheries (Coastal First Nations, DFO, other First Nations)

  • Environment Canada 

  • Ministry of Agriculture


Contact Gitxaała Environmental Monitoring (GEM)

Contact GEM through the GTMA office:
Museum of Northern BC,
280- 110 1st Ave West, Prince Rupert BC, V8J 3S1
Phone: 1-250-624-3339

Managing Director – Bruce Watkinson

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