Territorial Management

Gitxaała Territorial Management Agency (GTMA)

In 2020 significant changes were made to the organizations responsible for Gitxaała’s resource management and regulatory affairs business. The Fisheries & Marine Department and the GEM Department were restructured resulting in one new department, the Gitxaała Territorial Management Agency.

The restructuring of the Gitxaała Fisheries and Marine Department and the Gitxaała Environmental Monitoring Department will create a more robust and efficient approach to the management of natural resources within Gitxaała Territory.

Vision Statement

To continually assert the rights of Gitxaała in the course of making informed decisions for the utilization, management, protection, and enhancement of our natural resources.

Mission Statement

Working with a mandate from the Gitxaała Hereditary Table and Elected Council, Gitxaała Territorial Management Agency (GTMA) will be the primary point of contact for all works related to our environment.

GTMA is responsible for the integrated management and monitoring of Gitxaała natural and cultural resources. GTMA develops strategic plans and policies for terrestrial and marine resources, implements sustainable management practices, facilitates scientific and community-based research, and coordinates regulatory engagement and assessments.

A key function of GTMA will be to support decisions made by Gitxaała leadership with comprehensive information, sound advice, and detailed recommendations. Engagement with other government agencies, private industry, and other interested parties will be focused on the continued enrichment and protection of natural resources and the assertion of rights, title, and jurisdiction of Gitxaała.


Key programming themes include:

  • Collaborative and Consultative Engagement
  • Forestry, Mining, and Lands Management
  • Fisheries Management
  • Terrestrial and Marine Planning
  • Cumulative Effects Management
  • Environmental Assessments and Referrals
  • Marine Emergency Preparedness and Services
  • Marine Science and Research
  • Territorial Monitoring and Guardianship
  • Community Engagement and Outreach
Contact GTMA

The GTMA office is located at:

Museum of Northern BC
280- 110 1st Ave West, Prince Rupert BC, V8J 3S1
Phone: 1-250-624-3339

Managing Director: Ross Wilson

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Currently Recruiting

• Lands Planner

• Marine Planner

• Field Programs Manager

Contact Bruce Watkinson for more information.