Our People

Staff Directory

Chief Administrative Officer
Maureen Tommy, B.A., M.A.L.T


Human Resources Manager
Victoria Vickers

I.T. Service
Tyrell Bennett

Deborah Russ


Admin Executive Assistant
Melissa Mason

Executive Assistant to Governing Council
Laverne Faithful

Staff Accountant
Pansy Blackmon

Finance Assistant

Accounts Payable
Rheal Faithful

Payroll Clerk

Health and Safety

Director of Health and Safety
Stacey Stevens

Community Health Representative
Corinna Innes

Health Reception
Cody Spencer

Patient Travel
Romona Bennett

Medical Records Coordinator
Roxanne Aster

Maintenance Worker
Donald Nelson


Home and Community Care Aide
Ruby Nelson

Health and Wellness (Service Coordinator)

Maternal Child Health Coordinator

Aboriginal Head Start Manager
Patricia Hill

Aboriginal Head Start Coordinator

Community Services

Director of Community Services
Ernie Westgarth


Housing Manager
Sierra Tolmie

Housing Clerk
Keenan Hill

Ritchie Tolmie

Site Supervisor
Danny Bolton
Corey Innes
Jamie Tolmie
William Moody

Housing Crew
James Nelson
Luke Bolton
Kevin Brown
Elliot Thompson
Kyle Mckay Sr
Troy Temple
Anthony Mckay Sr
Myles Taylor
Jeremy Brown

Warehouse Tech:
Marshall Vickers Sr

Social Development

Social Dev Manager
Keith Innes

Income Assistance
Emma Moody

Indian Registry Administrator(IRA)
Emma Moody

Family Support Worker
Wendy Nelson

Youth Empowerment Worker
Lillian Aster

Youth Empowerment Worker
Alistair Aster

Emergency Services

Head of Security
Godfrey Mason Jr

Security Assistance
Tommy Mckay
Even Aster

Fire Chief
Godfrey Mason Jr

Deputy Fire Chief
Warren Nelson

Education and Culture

Director of Education and Culture
Debbie Stava

Lack Klan School


Interim, Debbie Stava

Vice Principal
Marina Stravopoulos

Youth Counsellor (All Grades)
Victoria Good

Administration Office Manager
Teresa Stewart

Administration Office Assistant
Charlene Hill

School Maintenance Manager
David Hill

Fleet Manager and Maintenance Assistant
Roger Douglas

Kitchen/Food Manager
Angie Ridley

Grade K4, Kindergarten & 1
Andra Jones

Grade 1/2/3 Teacher
Alexandra Semakula

Grade 4/5 Teacher
Page Campbell

Grade 6/7 Teacher
Pam Tolmie

8/9 Teacher
Lorelei Lester

High School Teacher – Math & Science
Vanessa Morgan

High School Teacher – (Connected Classes)
David Campbell

Music Teacher (All Grades)
David Campbell

Arts Teacher (All Grades)
Even Aster

PHE Teacher (All Grades)
Marina Stravopoulos

Special Education Teacher
Danial Davis
Zelda Tolmie

Education Assistants
Justine Innes, Nina Tolmie, Tracey Nelson, Peyton Aster, Karen Young, Marj Angus, Keianna Mckay

Continuous Learning Center (CLC)

CLC Manager
Debbie Stava

Admin Assistant – Prince Rupert Office
Helen Gladstone

Employment & Training Manager – Prince Rupert Office
Colin Angus

Employment Admin Assistant – Prince Rupert Office
Ursula Jackson

Post-secondary Coordinator – Prince Rupert Office

CLC Employment – Kitkatla Office
Jane Mckay

Education and Training – Kitkatla Office

Day Labour – Kitkatla Office

Language and Culture

Language & Cultural Manager
Dustin Johnson

Language Coordinator:
Leona Peardon

Cultural Coordinator
Warren Nelson

Public Works

Director of Public Works
Vince Davis

Public Works

Water Treatment Plant Operator
Roger Vickers

Water Plant Assistant
Arlene Dundas

Dakota Bennett

Waste Management:

Simon Temple, Stefan Robinson, Luis Robinson, Cheryl Robinson, Kelsey Aster

Food Sustainability

Garden Coordinator
Myrna Robinson

Lead Gardener
Randy Mckay