Social Development

Social Development Restructuring


Our vision is to support children and families across the lifecycle while reconnecting with Gitxaała laws to strengthen our family connections. We will do this by creating an inclusive and collaborative environment that is responsive to the children and families.

We will extend the hand of friendship to our local stakeholders, community partners, local government, and Provincial and Federal agencies in a manner that is inclusive, respectful, and provides safe space for healing, unity, and community development.

Restructuring of the Department

Gitxaała Governing Council has approved the restructuring of the Social Development Department to prepare for a future where our children, families and community are safe at home.

The process was approved in August 2022 and a Band Social Worker has been appointed. The role of this position is to support community development with an aim to support unity, healing, connection, and communication. The restructuring will allow for increased complementary services with health, education and training, linkages with LKS, NIFCS, MCFD, Elders and those most at risk.

This will allow for increased visibility and supports for the development of healthy families by way of family supports, income assistance, and youth empowerment programs and services.

Band Social Worker: Keith Innes

Family Support Worker: Wendy Nelson

Income Assistance and Indian Registry Clerk: Emma Moody

Youth Empowerment Worker: Lillian Aster & Alistair Aster