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Wind Power Application on Lax K’naga Sts’ool’ (Banks Island)

Community Notice:

March 4th, 2024  The Gitxaała Territorial Management Agency and the Gitxaała Enterprises Corporation was made aware that there has been media attention to a new application for a “Investigative Use Permit” related to the collection of Wind Data on Banks Island.  

This application was delivered to GTMA on February 28th and is undergoing the standard review process. Gitxaała members should be aware of four key points with regard to the application:

  • The characterization of the January 29th, 2024 meeting with GTMA that is outlined in the application is incorrect. This intended purpose was to introduce the project at a high level. No documents, including draft applications, project descriptions or maps were provided.
  • The application is not for a wind farm or any other large-scale project. Such a project would necessarily require a long and detail assessment review, with community feedback. It is instead for a permit to collect data that may lead to such a project.
  • The application has not been approved. It is undergoing a standard application process and will need to be reviewed by the Province and Gitxaała Nation in accordance with our regular application processes.
  • Neither GTMA nor GECO has expressed consent or even positive support for such a project. Early conversations with Proponents are part of standard practice and language in the application available on-line was not reviewed or approved of by either GTMA or GECO.

These conversations are standard practices encouraged to all proponents seeking to conduct any development in the territory and are conducted in order for GMTA to get an early understanding of the proponent and proposal before engaging formally in the Consultation Process. GTMA is reviewing the application now and will be providing a more detailed briefing to Gitxaała leadership for feedback and review.

Neither GTMA nor GECO have the mandate to provide consent or support to a project with direction from leadership. GTMA will be working closely with both hereditary and elected leaders to review the application and respond accordingly to the application.

Any concerns, questions or feedback can be directed to:

James Herbert, Interim Director at
Michael Uehara, CEO at

Original Notice Document:

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