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GTMA/LNG Canada Wake Monitoring Bouy

May 9th, 2024

With harvesting season beginning, Gitxaała Territorial Management Agency is reminding community members of the use of “Wake Monitoring Buoys” managed by MarineLabs.

The buoys are deployed in 9 areas along the LNG Canada shipping route to collect wake monitoring data to verify the management policies designed to reduce the impact of ship wake on Gitxaala harvesters and shorelines. Please see the Attached Bulletin for more information on the buoys.

Approximate location of the buoys is in the following table.

Locations are general

Any boat users are advised to use caution when transiting these areas and keep a watch. If any are spotted in different locations, or floating free, please avoid it, and report location to the GTMA office (250-624-3339), Guardians or at the Band Office.

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