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Community Notice: Wake Monitoring Bouy Near Sentinel Island

December 4, 2023: The Gitxaała Territorial Management Agency was made aware that the
MarineLabs Wake Monitoring Bouy broke free of it’s mooring near Sentinel Island (53°44.863’N
130°29.078’W). Both MarineLabs and LNG Canada have been notified and we are working with
both groups to ensure the buoy is recovered safely and is secured against potential damage to
vessels or the environment.

Approximate location of the Bouy is in the image below.

It may be in a different location. Any boat users are advised to use caution when transiting
the area and keep a watch. If spotted, please avoid it, and report location to Colin Nelson
(250-624-3339) or any of the Guardians or Band Office.

Recovery Operations are being co-ordinated and another community update will be provide
once the recovery is underway. Attached is the community information sheet on the
monitoring program shared in October.

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