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Gitxaała territories stretch from the Nass River to Aristazabel Island, on the north coast of what
is now British Columbia. The Gitxaała , also known as Git Lax M’oon, people of the saltwater are
one of the most ancient societies on the coast. The village of Lach Klan (Kitkatla, BC) has been
continuously inhabited since time immemorial.

Gitxaała hereditary leaders from the four clans, Gisputwada, Ganhada, Lax’sgiik and Laxgibuu,
manage and protect their territories and resources according to their ayaawx, traditional laws.
Gitxaała harvesters use almost 100 different marine and terrestrial resources to feed their
community. Gitxaała citizens, currently numbering 2094, wherever they reside, celebrate their
history, practice their traditions, respect their laws, and cherish their lands, waters and

Reporting to the Chief Administrating Officer, the Director of Health and Safety is part of the
senior management team with Gitxaala Nation and is responsible for the operational and financial
management and administration of all Health and Safety department services and programs, as well as
the effective and efficient delivery by staff. The Director of Health and Safety acts as a liaison
between other government agencies and departments (particularly First Nations Health Authority),
private industry and any other individuals, groups or agencies providing health services in the
community. The Director of Health and
Safety promotes and advocates for wellness and health for the community and staff.

Strategic and Operational Planning

  • Develop and implement a community health plan, including program goals, procedures, strategy,
    and implementation planning.
  • Establish a governance model to oversee the strategy or plan.
  • Identify and assess risks for the health department as well as develop mitigation tactics to
    address the risks.
  • Establish key performance indicators to measure effectiveness of the strategy or plan.
    Financial Management
  • Provide financial reports per annual reporting requirements for internal, FNHA, ISC, and other
    funders and external partners.
  • Review and understand financial statements, reports, policies and laws.
  • Oversee the development of department forecasts, period-end financial statements and
  • Manage and oversee all department program and services budgets.


  • Prepare and deliver reports or updates to the community, internal stakeholders, and external
  • Source out and prepare applications for grants/other funding.
  • Liaise with and manage agreements with government and external agencies, including FNHA, FNHDA, NH and other provincial, federal and private health agencies and organizations.
  • Oversee and manage operation of all FNHA funded health programs.
  • Coordinate interventions of health staff directly or indirectly in emergency, trauma and crises
  • Understand and oversee wellness programs including mental health and substance abuse issues
    programs and services, as well as treatment and prevention programs, treatment planning, and
    counselling services.
  • Advocate for and promote wellness and good health practices including immunization and oral
    health and disease prevention education.
  • Understand and educate on environmental health including water and food safety, sampling,
    recall, storage and advice.
  • Oversee children’s, youth, and adult health programs.
  • Supervise the development, monitoring, and reporting on work plans.
  • Lead the development and update of policies, procedures, standards, and programming in
    accordance with First Nations Health Branch and Band requirements.
  • Plan for, manage and supervise health infrastructure and assets.
  • Supervise the setup and maintenance of data management systems, including timesheet
  • Provide input to critical incident management response systems, emergency preparedness plans,
    and service continuity planning and response as they relate to health services in coordination with
  • Strong general understanding of health and safety procedures for the work environment.
  • Work closely with the Chief Administrating Officer to ensure they are kept informed of all
    health issues and are able to provide direction to the health programs.
  • Access and apply research and innovation to community health and wellness programs.
  • Provide technical advice to FN leadership (Chief and Council, Regional Caucus, FNHDA) as

Relationship Building and Teamwork

  • Establish and foster strong working relationships within and external to the Nation through team
    activities, personal leadership, and professional incentives.
  • Set and provide direction on priorities and responsibilities for Health department staff,
    contractors, volunteers, and others under your department.
  • Provide supervision and leadership while fostering independent work ethic; employee
  • Oversee and perform recruitment and hiring of all health care personnel as per policy.
  • Conduct performance management tasks including performance evaluations, progressive discipline,
    coaching, training, and setting attainable goals.
  • Ensure staff members have updated job descriptions and learning and development plans.
  • Maintain composure and perspective in difficult situations and in managing conflict.
  • Model and enforce the policies and procedures of the Nation.
  • Represent the Nation and its interest to stakeholders through professional appearance and
    courteous behavior.

Client Service and Engagement

  • Handle inquiries and requests for information in a respectful, professional and client-centric
  • Plan and facilitate meetings, workshops and engagement sessions including with specific groups
    such as Elders and Youth.
  • Direct the development of public engagement and communication materials including publications,
    newsletters, articles, and presentations.
  • Demonstrate and maintain a community-focused approach in standards and operational procedures as
    well as in program and service design and delivery.
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of and ability to integrate First Nations cultural principles
    and protocols into service delivery.
  • Demonstrate strong cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Must follow Nations Code of Ethics.
  • Must confirm the importance of understanding Confidentiality.

Perform other duties and responsibilities as necessary in the performance of the position and as assigned by Chief Administrating Officer (CAO).


  • Enhance Communicable disease control including Pandemic Response.
  • Maintain knowledge of health and work-place specific legislation, best practices, policies, and
    procedures, including current human resource legislation and regulations.
  • Understand social determinants of health and specific health and wellness challenges and
    opportunities relevant to Gitxaala.
  • Prepare various materials and reports using MS Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
    Outlook, Teams).
  • Knowledge of Gitxaala critical incident management response systems and emergency preparedness
  • Knowledge of FN health systems including FNHA health and wellness programs and the tripartite
    relationship between Canada, BC and FNHA.
  • Understand and promote Gitxaala Nation’s culture, language and values.
  • Understand local Indigenous rights and history.
  • Possess ability to work with vulnerable persons.

While we recognize the value of diversity in the workplace and welcome applications from people of
all backgrounds in accordance with section 41 of the BC Human Rights Code; candidates of Indigenous background are encouraged to self-identify on their application.

When applying for this position, please forward cover letter, resume and references to the Director
of the Department and CC the Human Resources Manager.

October 2, 2023

Maureen Tommy, CAO | EMAIL:

Monica Michell, CIHRP | Human Resources Manager | EMAIL:

We thank all applicants for their interest, please note that only those short listed for an
interview will be contacted.

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