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Health | Community Wellness Coordinator

Gitxaała territories stretch from the Nass River to Aristazabel Island, on the north coast of what is now British Columbia. The Gitxaała, also known as Git Lax M’oon, people of the saltwater are one of the most ancient societies on the coast. The village of Lach Klan (Kitkatla, BC) has been continuously inhabited since time immemorial. Gitxaała hereditary leaders from the four clans, Gisputwada, Ganhada, Lax’sgiik and Laxgibuu, manage and protect their territories and resources according to their ayaawx, traditional laws. Gitxaała harvesters use almost 100 different marine and terrestrial resources to feed their community. Gitxaała citizens, currently numbering 2094, wherever they reside, celebrate their history, practice their traditions, respect their laws, and cherish their lands, waters and resources.

The Community Wellness Coordinator will counsel and advise individuals with alcohol, tobacco, drug, or other problems, such as gambling and eating disorders. May counsel individuals, families, groups, or engage in prevention programs. In delivering these services, the Community Wellness Coordinator utilizes a case management approach, consulting with Mental Health Counselors and representatives from a number of supporting agencies. Community Wellness Coordinator are required to provide coordination in the areas of case management, case planning, and implementation of addiction programs. The caseload of the Community Wellness Coordinator tends to be varied, complex, demanding and often crisis orientated.
The Community Wellness Coordinator assesses and provides direct intervention or referral to appropriate service providers/programs, for Members on issues related to: addictive patterns of behavior; concurrent disorders; and other mental health, behavioral and emotional concerns such as abuse, violence, grief and loss when these are connected to addictions or the impact of addictions within the family and inter-generationally.

Strategic Planning

  • Enhance the capacity of internal and external stakeholders in supporting the Nation’s strategic plan by facilitating workshops, participating in case conferencing and public forums on social issues.
  • Identify and pursue professional development opportunities in alignment with the Gitxaala Nation Comprehensive Community Plan and current cultural practices.
  • Coordinate and participate in case management, consultation and health and wellness strategic planning activities.
  • Assist with the health strategic planning and implementation of planned community enhancements.
    Coordinated Networking
  • With Member, confidentially consult with relevant caregivers and significant others in Member’s lives to update,
    modify, or reassess wellness plans and intervention strategies.
  • Collaborate to maintain positive relationships with other service providers, including but not limited to internal
    departments, social workers, medical staff, corrections officers, RCMP and other chemical dependency treatment
    facilities to identify and close gaps in community services.
  • Implementing strategic Gitxaala wellness plans to address gaps.
  • Available for community crisis response specific to intervention services.
    Data Organization
  • Accurately record, create and maintain confidential Member records
  • Compile caseload statistics and prepare program and Member reports.
  • Maintain confidential Member files according to Gitxaala Nation accepted practices and policies.
    Wellness Coordination
  • Counsel Members of all ages, individually and in group sessions to assist in overcoming dependencies, adjusting
    to life, mental health challenges and developing positive changes.
  • Develop a wellness plan for each Member based on the assessment of presenting issue(s).
  • Provide screening, intake, and assessment for clients in order to determine the presenting issue(s), and access
    appropriate treatment programming and/or services.
  • Apply appropriate assessment and diagnostic criteria,
  • Explore all available resources in maximizing the most effective life plan for the Member.
  • Intervene as advocate for Members or patients to resolve emergency problems in crisis situations.
  • Apply knowledge of the symptoms of overdose, withdrawal of various substances and being prepared to assist the
    Member in seeking medical attention.
  • Utilize an interdisciplinary approach to treatment where appropriate.
  • Identify the most appropriate of available treatment modalities and adapt treatment modalities to the Member’s
    individual characteristics and needs.
  • Collaborate ongoing evaluation and revision progress of goals with Member.
  • Provide appropriate intervention to the Member and the community based on their assessment and treatment plan.
  • Provide a range of counseling and education services, i.e., individual, group, family.
  • Provide follow-up to clients once the counseling services are complete.
  • Provide relapse prevention services.
    Relationship Building and Teamwork
  • Establish and foster ethical working relationships within and external to the Nation.
  • Maintain composure and perspective in difficult situations and in managing conflict.
    Member Service and Engagement
  • Handle inquiries and requests for information in a respectful, professional and cultural manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all data.
  • Must follow Nations Code of Ethics and uphold Confidentiality.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as necessary in the performance of the position and as assigned by


  • Reside in a rural community.
  • Completion of a diploma or degree program in Addiction Counseling.
  • Minimum 4 years experience in Addictions counseling.
  • Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (I.C.A.D.C.) from the Addiction Intervention Association, the Canadian
  • Certifying Body for Community Wellness Coordinators, preferred.
  • A sound knowledge of various therapeutic addiction counseling theories and practices is required, especially in the areas of clinical evaluation of alcohol and drug issues, treatment planning, counseling, education and prevention, documentation, professional and ethical standards.
  • Able to deal pleasantly and effectively with a wide range of people of different ages and cultures, in potentially volatile and emotionally charged situations.
  • Computer literacy skills and the ability to work processing packages and e-mail systems.
  • Sound knowledge of the following techniques is required: crisis intervention, anger diffusion, conflict intervention and resolution, use of chemical dependency diagnostic tools.
  • Capable of using multiple therapeutic modalities to work with a wide range of issues.
  • Self-motivated, self reliant and flexible.
  • Capable of working in a multidisciplinary environment with a variety of community professionals.
  • Knowledge of the Mental Health Act, the Child and Family Services Act and adherence to ethical and professional standards of conduct is required.
  • Demonstrated ability to assist patients, family members or other clients with concern and empathy; culturally respecting their confidentiality and privacy and communicating in a courteous and respectful manner.
  • A well-defined sense of diplomacy, including solid negotiation, conflict resolution, cultural enhancement, and people management skills.
  • High degree of resourcefulness, flexibility, and adaptability.
  • Able to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing.
  • Politically and culturally sensitive.
  • High level of critical and logical thinking, analysis, and/or reasoning to identify underlying principles, reasons, or facts.
  • Strong morals and ethics, along with a commitment to privacy.

While Gitxaala Nation recognizes the value of diversity in the workplace and welcome applications from people of all backgrounds in accordance with section 41 of the BC Human Rights Code; candidates of Indigenous background are encouraged to self-identify on their application.

When applying for this position, please forward a cover letter, resume and references to the Director of the Department and the Human Resources Manager, cc to CAO.

Gitxaala Nation thanks all applicants for their interest, please note that only those short listed for an interview will be contacted.

January 4, 2024, at 4:30 p.m.

Monica Michell, CIHRP, CAPA Human Resources Manager EMAIL:
Corinna Innes, Interim Health Manager EMAIL:

Maureen Tommy, Chief Administration Officer EMAIL:

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